You like it clean and simple.

Sitting at your desk with another cold cup of tea. Scouring the internet and scrolling endlessly for work that fits your style yet you keep coming up empty. And all the while that to-do list keeps growing and time seems to get shorter.

Sound familiar? I thought so.

Rest assured, you’re in just the right spot!

Let’s give you some white space, and get checkin’ things off your to do list.



So hey there, I’m Sarah and I’ve got a serious thing for calligraphy! I work with female creative business owners, and care-free fun loving brides who crave intentional and thoughtful design that they can be proud to show off! Here we believe in transforming your ideas into written words that are just as beautiful as they are meaningful.

Fueled by scoops of cookie dough ice cream, seeing new places, and whole lotta grace, I help transform your ideas into reality through putting that ink and nib to paper.

With a sociology degree, years of calligraphy experience in my back pocket, and a childhood of something crafty and creative never out of arm’s reach I help meet my clients needs and provide a process that will have them eating that celebratory scoop of cookie dough ice cream in no time cause the work is done - and done well.


a few of my favourite things:


What True North Paper Co. believes in: 

- loving others well

- not taking yourself too seriously. We all need a little more fun in ours lives right?

- Connecting and communicating well - you deserve to know what’s going on!

- Seeing life and all it’s adventures as journey

- and as my father would say “do well, be good”


Sound like we’d be the perfect pair?


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