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calligraphy and hand-lettering to fit your minimalist style






You have a defined style and you know what you like, but you just can’t seem to find calligraphy that speaks to you and who you are. I feel ya, friend! And I’ve got a sigh of relief coming straight for you -  you’re in the right place. Welcome.

So hey there! I’m Sarah, serving brides and creatives with my pen and ink in hand.

Here, you’ll partner with someone who’s been there - as both a bride and business owner - and we'll work together to create lasting impressions and speak to those that matter.

Oh, and we’re going to throw a little fun and quirkiness in there along the way, for good measure (because who doesn’t love a good pun, eh?).


So let’s cut through the clutter, get straight to it, and see how I can help you!


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So you want to stay up to date?

I don’t blame you. 



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