Feeling the business overwhelm?

You’ve got the ideas and the dreams, but are just not sure how to make them happen.

You cringe at the idea of sending people to your website ‘cause your logo just doesn’t fit your style any more.

You want to unify your brand, and attract clients that value you and your work - clients that don’t just want what you offer, but also want to work specifically with you.

Sounds like it’s time for a custom logo design.


So How Does it Work?

The Process


Getting Started and Prep Work

- Fill out the Logo Design Contact form to get the ball rolling, and once we figure out a few more details you’ll receive a custom proposal prepared just for you.

- Once the deal is sealed and you officially join the True North Paper Co. family, you’ll be sent a carefully curated questionnaire (and / or a scheduled call if that works better for you) so we can hone in on your style and brand to determine exactly what you’re looking for. This will ensure that your Logo is nothing short of what you dreamt of.



- Now onto getting those creative juices flowing even more...

- We collaborate and work together on up to three proofs which includes a first round of 3 different design sketches to help us narrow down the concept.

- After that initial round of sketches is when the calligraphy and ink come out to play.

- Together we collaborate and work through two more additional rounds of proofs.

- Once it’s perfect, and you’ve approved the final design your files will be delivered to you digitally (including .pdfs, .jpeg, .png, and vector).


High Fives All Around

- The final design is in your hands and there might be tears of joy strolling down your face.

- Update your website / business cards / etc. with your beauty of a new logo.

- Sit back and relax for a little bit because that is checked off your to-do list!



Custom logo design starts at: $450.

A signed contract & 50% non-refundable retainer are required to officially book your project and begin our partnership. The remaining balance must be paid once the final design is completed, and before the files are delivered.


The Details and FAQS

To ensure each project receives the attention it deserves, I only take on a select amount of logo design projects per season. aka. if you're thinking of getting a new logo in the near future make sure you secure your spot on my calendar!


How do I know if I’m ready for a custom designed logo?

There are so many factors that go into this decision as it’s a big one for your business! But even just the fact that you are here may signal that you’re ready to take this next step.

If you don’t have a logo and the time and process to make it happen on your own are a no go - then it may be time.

If you have a logo, but your business has grown over time. You’ve further refined your brand and now confidently know who your ideal clients are - but your logo just doesn’t reflect all that growth - then it may be time.

How long will the logo design process take?

You can expect to have your new logo in hand within 4 weeks of your project's start date. Granted, this timeframe is dependent on clients providing feedback in a timely matter.

Do I need to have anything before having a custom designed logo?

It is important to start the process with a strong understand of your brand. I could write pages and pages about branding, but to keep it short and simple, you’ll want to have a good grasp on who your ideal client is, the colors you want associated with your business, and the feel / vibe of your brand. With these details we will work through the design process (and a super fun brand + style questionnaire!) to make sure your logo ends up as the best representation of your brand and speaks to those ideal clients!

What if I need it sooner?

Wanting that new logo goodness for yourself but have a quick turnaround? No worries, I can make it happen (depending on my schedule). Please note that a 30% rush fee will apply.


Have a few more questions? Let's get them answered!

Head to the contact page or fill out the form below!




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