Why Your Logo Is Important!

Why Your Logo Is Important -  5 Reasons How A Well Thought Through Logo Can Be A Game Changer For Your Business! - Blog for Creative Small Business -True North Paper Co

Your logo - it’s a pretty darn important part of your business and your brand. And yes, it certainly isn’t the only part of your brand, but it is the most visual aspect. Because of that, your logo needs to not only appeal to your ideal clients, but also be timeless and professional.

But why exactly is that little graphic so important? Let me break down why I think so.


1. Brand Recognition

As the most visual aspect of your brand, your clients (and importantly, your potential clients) will recognize your business by seeing your logo. It appears on everything from your website to stationery to business cards, and potentially products themselves. Having a logo that is recognizable and consistent is important for people to remember your business, which is something I know I want, and my guess is, you do too!


2. The First Thing People See

When a potential client heads to your website, one of the very first things they are going to see is your logo. That first impression will either leave them feeling disconnected from your brand or drawn in and intrigued.


3. It Evokes the Mood & Feel of Your Brand

Yes, having a logo is important, but that alone is not enough - it needs to be in sync with the rest of your business and brand. A well thought out logo can evoke professionalism, confidence, and success, but one that is quickly thrown together without much intentional thought can just as easily look amateurish and out of place.

Are you a luxury photographer looking to reach high-end couples getting married? Then a super colorful logo featuring a confetti graphic is not for you - but if you’re a party planner looking to style and put on kids birthday parties, then that logo is going to fit your brand and speak to your potential clients a lot more. And it will also convey a happy and fun feel which is perfect for the party planner!

The way your logo looks is important, but equally important is the mood and feel that it evokes, and making sure those feelings and moods match up with the message of your business will further help create that brand consistency!


4. It Can Attract New Clients

With a unique and interesting logo (and one that appeals to your ideal clients!) potential clients will be interested to know more about your business, even if all they’ve seen of your business so far is your logo. Have you ever been browsing around the internet and come across a business’s logo that you loved, or intrigued you, so much so that you wanted to learn more about the business and who they are? Yup. That’s the power that a well thought out logo can have! Those people interested simply by the sight of your logo will now want to learn more about you and what you offer, and that means you’re one step closer to a new client!


5. It Creates Brand Loyalty

Similar to creating brand recognition, a logo can also play a part in creating brand loyalty. Clients and customers will keep coming back to a business that they can relate to, that they love the product or service, and that they remember. Yeah, that whole remembering a business in the first place is important! But with a well-established logo accompanying a well-established brand, your business will become memorable and leave a lasting impression with people.


I hope this list helped you understand the importance of your logo, and how having a professional and well thought out one can be a game changer for any business!

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