Digital Valentines Day Card Shop Now Open!

Printable Valentine's Day Card Shop Now Open - DIY Valentines Cards that you download and print. Minimalist Cards from sweet and romantic to fun and punny featuring calligraphy and hand-lettering!

You like it simple and effortless, dig the minimalist style, love a good pun, and also need an easy, no hassle Valentines Day Card - Well, friend you’re here for the right reasons - The Digital Valentines Day Card Shop is now open! (high fives to all the other Bachelor and Bachelorette fans who caught that little nod ;))

So for all of you romantics looking for just the right words to say, for all the fun and quirky folks, or for all those last minute card shoppers (no judgment here!), you’re bound to find something that tickles your fancy in the shop.

But so what exactly is the digital card shop?

Through the shop, you’re able to purchase printable Valentines Day cards for your loved ones. All the cards are flat 5x7 cards, meaning that like a postcard, they don’t have a fold. You’ll have the design on one side, and can then flip it over to write your message. Why no fold? Because if you love the design, hello, simple hanging and framing!

Each card comes with two different .pdf files - one with trim marks that you can print on 8.5x11 cardstock or one without trim marks which you can print on 5x7 cardstock. Once you purchase your favorite card you’ll be able to download the files right away and get to printing.

Watercolor Heart Card - DIY Valentines Day/Anniversary Printable Card - Romantic and Sweet Greeting Card featuring Minimalist Design and Calligraphy - True North Paper Co.
List of Really Cute Things Card - DIY Valentines Day Printable Card - Romantic and Sweet Greeting Card featuring Minimalist Design and Calligraphy - True North Paper Co.

And Why Did I Set It Up?

I wanted to create cards that were simple and minimalist in style, and still had some sass, fun, and romance - we all need that, eh? And I also wanted them to be easily accessible - right to your inbox doesn’t get much easier than that! - and printable so you can DIY easily.

But What if Valentines Is Not Your Thing?

Yes, Valentine’s day is all about love, but there are plenty of other times and days where these cards would be just perfect. Think along the lines of Anniversaries and Just Because!

I Love You and I Like You Card - Printable Valentines/Anniversary Card - DIY Greeting Card - I Love You Card - True North Paper Co
Are You A Beaver? Cause Dam! - Printable Valentines/Anniversary Card -  Fun and Punny Greeting Card featuring Modern Calligraphy - True North Paper Co

So Where Do You Find the Shop?

It’s just a click away. Check it out here!

Coupon Code!

Use the code "LOVE50" in the shop to buy one get one 50% off!


You're My Significant Otter DIY Valentines Card - Printable Anniversary/Valentines Card - Animal Pun, Love Pun Card - Downloadable Greeting Cards - True North Paper Co.
I'll Cuddle You For The Rest Of Our Lives Printable Card - Digital Download - Valentines Anniversary Card - Minimalist Valentines Card - True North Paper Co.

And if cards just don't do it for you, check out the other listings in the shop, which feature minimalist-inspired calligraphy and hand-lettered wall prints! All easily downloadable straight to your computer. Check out the Prints here!

Have fun spreading the love, friends!

Check out the shop here!


In The Garden Of Life You're One Sweet Potato Printable Card - Funny Romantic Card - Anniversary/Valentines Card - True North Paper Co
I Love You Card -Minimalist Greeting Card - DIY Printable Valentines/Anniversary Card - Watercolor Bruch Lettering - True North Paper Co.
You Make My Heart Happy Printable Card - DIY Valentines/Anniversary Card - Minimalist Greeting Card - True North Paper Co
Just a Little Love Note Digital Card - DIY Valentines Day Card - Printable Fun Romantic Card - True North Paper Co.