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Calligraphers Office Tour - Creating Functionality in Small Space - True North Paper Co

Anyone else like me and just loves getting a look inside someone else’s home or space? And now that I’ve written that, I realized just how creepy that sounds…. But yeah, no, not in a creepy way, in a I-love-seeing-how-people-have-designed-decorated-and-used-their-space kinda way. And I especially love seeing how other creatives design their offices and are inspired by different ways to organize and utilize space . And I thought well heck, about time I share a little bit more about my studio, eh?!

So studio, might be a little bit of a stretch... my office right now is also home to our TV space. Not necessarily a long term ideal, but for now, and with living in a smaller house, it works! I’ve got my desk and all the essentials close by, and also use a good chunk of the closet in the room for storing paper and supplies.

I hope this look into my little calligraphy nook inspires you and helps you see that even in tiny spaces and with multi-functioning rooms you can create an studio that works for you!

Calligraphers Office Tour - Small Work Space - True North Paper Co.

You're going to notice that I'm a big ikea fan, and that a lot of the things that are in the office are from there - they've got space saving and organizing down to a science, and I love it for that! And speaking of space saving -  A huge space saver in the office is having a gateleg table that can be folded down on weekends, and when we have friends or family over (the one I have is the Norden Table from Ikea).

Although this is actually a bedroom in our house it has two doors that we decided to take off to make it flow and be a part of our other living spaces - and we didn't have to worry about furniture getting in the way of swinging doors *ahem ahem* the metal utility cart. 

Calligraphers Office Tour - True North Paper Co.

Another super handy thing about the table is that although it's not an actualy "office desk" it does have built in drawers where I keep most of my smaller office supplies.

Barso Ikea Trellis Used as Office Board - Calligraphers Office Tour - True North Paper Co.

When setting up the space I knew I wanted some kind of board where I could hang/pin things, but also wasn't a fan of having a big huge cork board or something that would be dark and heavy looking. The wire grid frame ended up being a great choice that I can easily hang different things from (even a plant!), but it still looks light and airy. This grid is actually a plant trellis that I got from Ikea, spray painted and then just screwed into the wall making sure to leave enough room between the frame and the wall so clips/pins could fit (You can find the Barso Trellis here and the lamp is this guy, from Target)

Raskog Utility Cart in Grey - True North Paper Co Office Tour
Raskog Utility Cart In Grey - Small Office Space Saver - True North Paper Co.

The Rasgok utility cart from Ikea has also been a life saver in the storage department - as you can see I fit as much as I can in here, haha. From calligraphy supplies (inks, paints, nibs, etc.) to envelopes and paper all the way to my lightbox, I keep it all in this little guy because it's all easily accessible and keeps it (somewhat) organized. 

Small Office Space Tour - Ikea Barso Trellis - True North Paper Co.
Small Office Space - Calligrapher Studio Tour - True North Paper Co.

Since this is also our TV room, we had to fit in a couch, and why we decided to buy a red and white stripped one in the first place I'll never remember, but it does the job! (and we did get it years ago, okay!)

Canon PixmaPro-100 Printer - True North Paper Co.

So yeah, as you may have caught from looking at this picture, this is not actually in my office. When I ordered a new printer I had to get a little bit creative about where I was going to put it. It wasn't going to fit in the office, except for maybe on top of our media console where the TV is, but there was no way I would have been able to reach it or use it without a ladder - and as hilarious as that might have been to watch, it wasn't going to happen, so we made a little spot in our guest bedroom. 

Norden Ikea Table as Desk - Small Work Space - True North Paper Co.
Calligraphy and Drawing Supplies - True North Paper Co.
White Office Wire Grid - Barso Ikea Trellis Hack - True North Paper Co.
Green Hanging Plant in White Office - True North Paper Co.
Calligrapher's Office Tour - True North Paper Co.

As you can see, the space is small, but despite that I've been able to maximize storage and functionality as much as possible, and I also like to think I've kept a little style in there as well ;)

I hope you enjoyed this look into where I work and where all the calligraphy goodness comes together!




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