Minimalist Concepts To Incorporate Into Your Invitation Designs


Minimalist design lover AND invitation + paper obsessed? ME TOO. Let’s be friends. Or getting married and looking for some simple and clean inspo? You’re in the right spot, and we can definitely/should be friends too ;)

Here at True North Paper Co., it’s no secret that I’m drawn to clean, simple, streamlined design. It’s something I’ve always appreciated but it’s just in the last couple years that I’ve been more intentional about implementing it in my designs in everything from my work to my home. The red, yellow, and blue home decor accents I thought were a good fit for us when we first got married are gone! (still trying to figure out how that ever happened! 😂)

It seems minimalist design can be implemented in almost everything and anything, from homes, businesses, wardrobes, architecture, and on and on the list couple go. But what I really wanted to dig into today was ways to incorporate some minimalist design concepts into wedding invitations.

But first let’s rewind a little and talk about what minimalist design really is. Anyone else sometimes struggle to define it!? It’s clean, simple, streamline, but it’s also so much more than that. I also think minimalist design can often be seen as the lack of design, or something with no design at all. But that’s not it at all! There is just as much thought and intentionality in minimalist design as their is traditional or classic design. It’s about creating better design through simplicity - cutting back and stripping away without losing purpose and function.

Alright, let’s get to those minimalist wedding invitation design ideas already!


1. Clean + Streamlined Design

Strip away all the frills and flourishes and keep to a simple and clean design. There’s often so many things we want to incorporate into our invitations from details, to color schemes, to illustrations, and on and on. And while those are all amazing and great things - if you’re looking for a more minimalist feel, pare those down. Want to incorporate your color scheme? Do it! But then keep the fonts and details simple, and use negative space (we’ll dive into this one deeper next!). Want an illustration or map? I mean who doesn’t right? Think about using streamlined graphics and a map with simple thin lines, portraying just the info that guests would need.  

Minimalist Wedding Invitation - Neutral Design - True North Paper Co.

2. Use Negative Space

Negative space is the space and area around the different objects/subjects in a design. When you have more space around the objects (i.e. fonts, illustrations, etc.) it can create interest and balance. It has to be done with intentionality and thoughtfulness, but when used correctly it can create beautiful invitations.

Negative space can be used in so many different ways, but this examples highlights having lots of space around the couples names (an object in the design), and the wedding details (another object in the design).

Negative space can be used in so many different ways, but this examples highlights having lots of space around the couples names (an object in the design), and the wedding details (another object in the design).

3. Create Interest With Different Fonts

So if things are more streamlined and pared down how do you add detail and some special touches? No worries, this can be done in so many ways, and one of the easiest is through the different fonts that are used. Different fonts can easily become beautiful design elements, and tell you a lot about an event. Having a more traditional and classic wedding but want to incorporate minimalist ideas? Keep the invitation simple and use serif and script fonts. They will portray a more traditional and classic feel. Wanting a more modern and casual wedding? Use sans serif fonts which have a modern and fun vibe.

There are also so many other ways to create different details and interest with fonts aside from the actual font itself. Whether it’s through the style of the font, such as italic, bold, or thin, or even through the spacing between lines, words, and each letter, or in the height of word and letters; there are so many options!

Black and White Wedding Invitation - Minimalist Wedding Suite - Wedding Calligrapher - True North Paper Co.
Minimalist Wedding Invitation Suite - Minimalist Wedding Details - True North Paper Co.

4. Simplify Content

Paring down what your invitations actually say is a simple way to achieve a minimalist feel. By minimizing the verbiage and combining other design elements, you can create beautiful and thoughtful invitations. Of course, you need to add all the important information that your guests need to know on your invitations - we need to keep the functionality and purpose of the invitation, and it would be pretty useless if the date or location is not included! But think about all the other words on the invitations and how you can say it in fewer words or even if you need to say it at all.

Instead of a long introduction at the top saying something like “With great pleasure we invite you celebrate with us as we tie the knot”, a minimalist option would be just having your names on the invitation, and then simply saying “We’re tying the knot” underneath, and then the date, time, and location.

Minimalist Save the Date - Square Invitation - Wedding Stationery -  True North Paper Co.

5. Simple Details

Lastly, you can add detail to a minimal design through literal texture. A classic invitation with simplified wording can be done on textured paper (handmade paper is my personal fave!) or have deckled edges. This adds dimension to your design without overwhelming it.

Minimalist Wedding Announcement - True North Paper Co.


I hope you enjoyed this look into minimal design concepts, and how they don’t just have to be used in your home or wardrobe! And if you’re using any of these in your invitation designs, let me know! I’d love to hear about (and see!) it!

And if you’re getting married, and want to incorporate these into your invitations - I’m your girl and would love to help! Head here to learn more.



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