How Initial Logo Design Concepts Come Together

How Initial Logo Design Sketches Come Together - True North Paper Co.

You’ve got some great ideas in your head for your new logo. You know what you want it to convey and you have the vision for your business down pat. But now you’re on the search for the right person to do just that.

And then the worry starts to set in… what if the person I hire to create my logo doesn’t understand my vision? What if I can’t describe what I’m wanting accurately?

I think we can all agree that those are all feelings of worry we’d like to avoid! So I’m here to offer you a little behind the scenes at how initial logo design sketches come together.

But first off, what the heck do I mean by initial design sketches? These are the sketches that come together after we’ve chatted and I’ve learned more about your business and what you’re looking for. I will design at least 4 different initial sketches so that you can see some variations and decide what you like and don’t like. They are also always in a very rough format, usually just pencil sketches and these will be used to gather your initial thoughts and then narrow down the design based on your feedback. When sending them out to clients, I always remind them in the email that they are very rough and to not be shocked when they first see them. At first they are just pencil sketches and the calligraphy will come into play in the later stages!   

Alright but how do I go from first being hired to design a logo to having the initial sketches done? Let’s break it down:


1st - Before the official hiring even goes on, we need to make sure we’re a good fit for one another. Through emails, we can make sure that I understand what you’re looking for, and can do it, and that you like my style. If you’re wanting a logo that involves no calligraphy, we probably wouldn’t be a good fit! If you love clean and simple design and want some calligraphy in your logo? Probably a good fit! If you like cookie dough? Probably a good fit, too ;)

2nd - Once I’m officially hired (contract signed, and deposit paid) then the research part begins. From checking out your website and social media accounts, it’s all about getting a feel for you and your business to better understand your vision.

3rd - Brand and Style Questionnaire! I’ve had several past clients say that this was their favourite part in the process! I’ll send out a brand and style questionnaire for you to answer, filled with questions about your business, and ideal clients. I always encourage those that are filling it out to take their time and not rush through it! It’s these answers that are going to play a significant role in those initial sketches and then lead to your final logo. Not rushing through these answers will lead to a logo that’s timeless and that you can grow your business with, instead of something more temporary.

4th - Once that questionnaire is all filled out, I look through it and make notes. Are there any words that you’ve repeated? How do you want you clients to feel when they work with? I take note of it all!

5th - More research! If you have a Pinterest mood board for your brand, I’ll look through that for inspiration, and gather all the different info - from the questionnaire to what is on your site to things that we’ve talked about in emails. All these different facets contribute to your logo design, and to help me better understand what you want!

6th - Sketching time! With all that research in hand, I will now begin the sketching! I usually end up with several designs based on my research, but then will narrow them down and really hone into the feel and brand of your business and make sure the sketches work with that! You’ll then be sent four sketches to look over and provide feedback on. And from there the process continues as we narrow down the design.


As you can see, the initial design sketches that end up in your inbox aren’t just randomly pulled from thin air! A lot of consideration is given to you, your business, and the style. And it’s these initial stages of research and design, and having you answer a lot of questions about your business and brand, that will leave you with a design that you love and that can grow with you business!

I hope you guys enjoyed this peek into my process! And if you are looking for a logo and interested in seeing if we are a fit for one another, head here for all the details. I can’t wait to hear from you!

Custom Logo Sketches - True North Paper Co.
Initial Logo Design Sketches - True North Paper Co.

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