Incorporating Calligraphy into Your Home

Examples of using Modern Calligraphy as Home Decor - True North Paper Co.


It's no secret that I've got a thing for interior design. A very serious thing. I couldn't even tell you when it started - I just always remember it being there - but somewhere in between my first trip to Ikea as a wee toddler to interior design and architecture class in High School a passion was born. Also, let's just sidestep for a minute and talk about how I went from living in a city where there about 4 different Ikeas within a one hour radius, to having to drive 3 hours to get to one. Uhhhh, sadness. But on the healthy side of things, my cinnamon bun and frozen yogurt consumption have gone down drastically! 

After having an established obsession with interior design, I then got started in calligraphy and I started to think of ways to incorporate the two passions. Because they really go pretty well together - cue all the go-together sayings you can think of. You know the ones I'm talking about - like peanut butter and jelly, like macaroni and cheese, biscuits and tea, Sarah and cookie dough ice cream... Ya know, those. So when Ian and I moved into our new place I knew I wanted to look for a large in-your-face way, as well as smaller, subtle ways to bring in the hand-lettered goodness.

Because #confessionsofacalligrapher ...... I love calligraphy but also don't want it alllllll over my house. 

Check out the list below for some of the ways that we've incorporated calligraphy into our abode!


1. Large Wall Art

Modern Calligraphy Chalk Sign with Bible Verse as Home Decor - True North Paper Co.
Chalk Sign Bible Verse written in Calligraphy - True North Paper Co.

We have one very large piece of modern calligraphy art that hangs at the end of our hallway, brought to you by a roll of black chalkboard paper and chalk (if I were to redo this, paint markers would definitely be my go to instead of chalk because of dem smudges). It's hard to miss as you head down our little hallway but at the same time it blends in well with the rest of our home decor. It grounds the space and is also a great reminder for me throughout the day.

Large pieces of calligraphy art can be a great way to incorporate favorite quotes, verses and sayings into your home. They can be bold and daring, or subtle and classic. 


2. Smaller Prints

Modern Calligraphy Custom Print for in Your Home - True North Paper Co.
Modern Calligraphy Print featuring Steffany Gretzinger lyrics - True North Paper Co.

We have a few smaller calligraphy prints sprinkled throughout our home, from a Bible verse on our fridge and little quotes hanging in my office to some of our favorite song lyrics in our room. As you can see, the options are endless with this! And it can be as formal as a framed quote hung in the living room to as casual as throwing it on the fridge with a magnet (à la the Thomas household). 


3. Written out Vows

Modern Calligraphy Framed Vows as Home Decor - True North Paper Co.

Technically this would fall into the smaller prints category, but since it's one of my favorite pieces I'm going to go ahead and shine a little spotlight on it ;) I finally started working on writing out our vows in calligraphy two and half years into our marriage (and I've actually still got my vows to do....someday soon, someday soon...) and I love the results. We even framed these ones *fist bump*

Vows can be done in so many different styles and sizes (just like any calligraphy print), so there is no doubt a way out there to make them fit a home's established decor and feel! 


3. Food  Jar Labels

Pantry Jar Labels in Modern Calligraphy - True North Paper Co.
Modern Calligraphy Food Jar Labels - True North Paper Co.

On the more subtle side of finding calligraphy in our home is our food jar labels. Subtle because they're stored in the back of our pantry, so no one besides us sees them, haha - but they're nonetheless cute, right!? And I'm always on board for when calligraphy can help in the organizing department. 

And the options on this are endless too - LABELS ON EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING!


4. Recipe Cards

Alright, so I haven't made these yet, but it's on the to do list! Because how awesome would it be to have some simple and effortlessly designed recipes cards that aren't just cue cards. 


5. Thank You/Greeting Cards

Not technically a home decor item, but still something that is handy for us have around the house to quickly send that thank you/birthday/and anniversary card etc. instead of running to Dollar Tree a day before the card needs to be sent. 


And there you have it, the different ways in which my work has made it's way into our abode! Do you have other ideas about how to bring calligraphy into your home? Let me know!