Fall Woodland Bridal Luncheon

First of all, welcome! Welcome to this little corner of my website which will be home to True North Paper Co.’s blog, welcome to something that will most definitely be a learning process to me, and welcome to a behind the scenes look at what I do. My hope is that this blog would be place you can come to learn more about True North Paper Co. and also more about me!

And so that brings us to today’s post – a maroon and gold fall woodland inspired styled shoot with Evelyn Lai Baker! If there was a phrase to describe how we approached this shoot it would be "wingin it". I kid you not, there were SO many things we were unsure we would be able to pull off or make work until the very last minute. And it only caused us a little bit of stress (hahahaha). In planning the shoot, we knew we didn’t have a ton of resources to pull from, but we just worked with what we knew, used what we had, improvised where needed and somehow managed to make it happen. Also to be noted is that Evelyn and I were working most of the time from miles and miles apart. It wasn’t until a day before the shoot when I headed up to Canada to visit family that we were able to actually finish some planning face to face.

Watercolor Menu and Gold Ink Place Cards
Organic Calligraphy Gold Ink Table Number

We knew we wanted to do a styled shoot, so we worked together to plan a vision – organic modern calligraphy, maroon and gold, natural greenery, fall and the woods. So we split up the pieces we would each create, and got to work.

Watercolor Menu and Gold Ink Place Card
Organic Calligraphy Gold Place Card
Gold Ink Modern Calligraphy Addressed Envelope and Burgundy Colored Invitation
Organic Calligraphy Deckled Edge Bridal Lunch Invitation with Burgundy Ink

The week of the shoot a lot of things were still up in the air, but we just kept reminding ourselves that we had to go with the flow and use what we had. This is where things started to get amusing.

  1. We rented a table from a local thrift store. My dad visits so often that they allowed us to have this special arrangement - they knew that he would be back with the table on Saturday at 4 in the afternoon because that's when he goes every single week!
  2. We ran through the streets of Toronto to rescue our flowers from closing time. Our plan was to pick them up downtown and we JUST made it happen. We’re talking sprinting through the streets, making it to the store 3 minutes before it closed (shout out to Toronto traffic for making this situation a little more intense than we wanted), though I’m sure people enjoyed witnessing us jumping out of the car and making a mad dash for the flower shop!

All that to say, we got those things thankfully checked off the list, and our final thing to do was rummage through my parent’s place to find any décor we thought would be useful!

Organic Gold Table Number with Greenery
Gold Ink Deckled Edged Place Card
Burgundy Watercolor Gold Ink "Will You Be My Maid Of Honor Card?"

We wanted to be up with the sun and get things going as soon as possible. So at 7:30 the next morning we loaded up the car, and drove to our location which was conveniently just around the corner. The running club that came by seemed to be a little thrown off, but funny looks weren’t going to stop us now! We got everything where we wanted it, and started taking pictures. This is also the part where we started to get a bit nervous about having lit candles in the forest, where the ground is covered in dry leaves. *do not try this at home kids*  After taking all the pictures we wanted, we packed back up and high-fived because we did it!

Gold Ink Deckled Edge Letter to Best Friend
Burgundy Ink and Deckled Edged Friendship Qoute

It wasn’t the most glamorous, it wasn’t the most elaborate, but we worked with what we had and made it happen. And I’ve got to say I’m so proud of us!

We hope you enjoy these pictures just as much as we enjoyed putting them together for you! And now onto planning the next adventure…