Envelope Addressing Styles & Ideas

Envelope Addressing Styles & Options - 4 Simple Ways to Make This Calligraphy Detail Perfectly Fit You and Your Wedding

Looking for that little something extra for your invitations? That something that will not only leave you in awe but have your guessed impressed and excited? Heyyyyo, envelope calligraphy!

There are so many different styles and ways to match your wedding in just your envelopes, and it’s 4 of those simple ways that we're going to explore today!


1. Different Calligraphy Styles

The style of the calligraphy itself can change the mood and feel of your envelopes. The three styles that I do most often are traditional, modern and a more raw and edgy style. And even within these styles there are so many options for customization from flourishes and playing around with different strokes (all something that we can work on together if you’re getting your envelopes addressed!).

Envelope Addressing - Different Styles of Calligraphy - True North Paper Co

Traditional (the 3rd one down in the picture) - based in a Copperplate writing style, perfect for more traditional and formal weddings.

Modern (the 1st and 4th one down in the picture) - has a fun and effortless feel, and is also the most popular style that I do for envelopes. It’s a really versatile style and can be used in casual or formal settings! 

Raw and Edgy (the 2nd one down in the picture) - Just like the name suggests it’s a more edgy style perfect for those moody, organic wedding vibes.  

If you have a particular wedding style chances are there is a calligraphy style that you’ll love and can also compliment your big day perfectly!


2. Different Ink or Envelope Colors

Again, SO many options (are you seeing a pattern here!? ;)). Whether it’s pulling a color from your invitations for the ink on the envelopes or the envelopes themselves, or hey, both, this is such a great way to make your invitation suite feel complete. From metallic inks to inks that give off a watercolor effect (like the brown and green colors below), the colors you choose can add that extra wow factor, but just keep in mind that it does need to legible and easily read by the post office!

Envelope Addressing - Brown Ink Calligraphy on White and Beige Envelopes - True North Paper Co
Envelope Addressing - Ink and Envelope Colors - True North Paper Co


3. Playing Around with Placement

I wouldn’t mess too much with the placement of the main address on the front of your envelopes - we want it to get to where it needs to! - but the return address is where you might be able to have a little fun. I say "might" because this will all depend on your post office and what they’ll accept - I always recommend checking this!

But if you’re up for something a little different and unique there are some great return address options, whether it’s written across the top, the bottom, or even framing the flap.

Calligraphy Envelope Addressing - Return Address Placement - WEdding Details.jpg


4. Mixing Handwritten with Printed

Another great option is getting to mix a handwritten main address with a printed response or RSVP address. The addresses look sharp and professional and can also be made to match the invitations perfectly! With a computer printed return addresse there are also a ton of options for easily adding little illustrations or custom crests/monograms.  

So hows that for some customization and envelope options?! I really love how envelopes addressed in calligraphy instantly stand out from the second they’re pulled out of a mailbox. And with so many great ways of making them a reflection of you and your wedding, you’re bound to find something that’s just right for you!




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