3 Things You Need Before You Hire A Logo Designer

3 Things You Need Before You Hire A Logo Designer So That You're Left With A Timeless Logo That You Love And Speaks To Your Ideal Clients - True North Paper Co.


Starting a new business, or already have an established one? The next logical step would be getting a logo designed, right? Well, not so fast there, Speedy Gonzales. There’s a lot of planning and thinking that has to go into your business and brand before the logo design process can begin.

So what exactly are those things? I’m going to break them down for you so that you go into hiring a logo designer being prepared and ready! Let’s cheers our coffee and tea to that!


1. A Clear Vision Of Where You Want Your Business To Go

A good understand of where you see your business in the future will help in creating a logo that can grow with your business. Of course you’re not going to know everything that will happen in the future, but having a vision for where you’d like to see things go will help in nailing down what is important to you and your business, and consequently what is important to convey through your logo.

An example of this would be if someone who is just starting out as a photographer and has a vision of growing their business into being a destination wedding photographer for adventurous couples. Having that goal and vision means that your designer can now design with that in mind, and that logo you get will work in your business now, but also as you grow and pursue that vision.


2. Know Your Ideal Client

Being aware of your ideal client is so important for making sure that you not only like your logo, but also potential clients and customers do as well. ‘Cause a logo can be great and beautiful, but if it isn’t reaching and resonating with the people you want it to, what good is that? I’d say not good at all. Your ideal client, that person that loves your services/products and you can’t wait to work with, what do they do? What is their personality like? What are their hobbies? Where do they like to hang out? The list could go on and on, but really understanding that person will help your designer in creating a logo that intrigues and speaks to them.

For example, your ideal client might be an adventurous couple who is fun-loving and carefree, always ready to go on a new adventure, they love travelling and also love to indulge in coffee, food and red wine. A logo with a small illustration of a diamond necklace and the business name written in calligraphy with lots of flourishes will probably not appeal to that ideal couple. But compare that to a logo that features a small mountain sketch - now that is something that is bound to speak to them more.


3. The Feel & Mood Of Your Business

Is your business professional, formal, and sophisticated, or do you prefer a more laid back and fun-loving atmosphere? Knowing the feelings and mood that you want your business to convey will help in creating a logo that matches that, and will also lead to an overall better brand presence. If you want your business to be fun loving and more laid back (while still being professional, of course!) and the copy on your website fits that, but your logo feels very formal, then your brand consistency is off.

The logo’s that I design are all calligraphy and hand-lettered based, which definitely has a certain feel. Sure, you can achieve so many different styles with calligraphy - from formal and flourished to raw and edgy, but still, there are definitely some businesses that a calligraphy-based logo would not be the best fit for. It’s important to understand the feel/mood you want to convey so your logo matches.

All of these play into each other - you can’t really know your ideal client if you don’t have a vision for where you want your business to be, and you can’t really understand the feel/mood that would appeal to potential clients if you don’t know your ideal client. I send out a brand/style questionnaire to all my logo design clients, and I always urge them to thoughtfully answer the questions and not rush through them. Understanding these things, and also being able to communicate them well with your logo designer is key, and will help you both in creating a logo that fits you and your business. If you’ve intentionally thought through your brand, this logo will be able to grow with your business and at the same time appeal to your ideal clients. Which, let’s face it, is the perfect combo!

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