Modern Calligraphy Baby Shower Invitation featuring Watercolor Background


Oh hey guys! Today I wanted to take some time to share with you a recent baby shower invitation that I worked on. It was such a fun experience and I'm so glad that Brittany entrusted these paper heirlooms to me (Paper can last a long time, and now they'll have these to look back on for years to come!). If you're following me on Instagram chances are you've already seen some sneak peeks of these guys, but now you get the full in-depth look, and a little behind the scenes into what the design process is like when bringing your ideas to life!

Brittany came to me looking for a baby shower invite, and wanted to invest into a small business (hellllo dream client!). After catching up a bit (we had met a few years ago at a mutual friend’s wedding), we got straight into the design process. Brittany had a few different ideas in mind for what she liked and wanted, so I took those and came up with a few rough designs. From there, Brittany was able to select which design she preferred, what elements she wanted to keep, and what pieces she wanted to switch around. This rough design phase helps guide the client to what their final design will look like, and is a great way for me to see what works and what doesn't for the look of the invitations (or whatever project I may be working on).

We settled on a blue watercolor background with a simple greenery component that featured modern calligraphy. aka. swoon worthy!

To maintain the fun and effortless theme of the invitations, we went with a handwritten block lettering for any text that wasn't done in calligraphy. These elements came together to create a graceful, clean, and natural look while still being playful and fitting for a baby shower!

The next step was set in motion and I got to work on executing the final design. After an in-studio watercolor and calligraphy session, followed by a digitizing frenzy, it was ready! From there we went through two more rounds of proofs. Why so many rounds of proofs? Because you deserve to get exactly what you want! Even if it's just the slightest change, I'll gladly do it so that you end up with a product that is exactly what you dreamt of!

After the final proof was signed off on, these boys were sent to the printer and before you could say signed, sealed, delivered they were in Brittany's hands! (How great is it that a calligrapher’s location doesn't have to restrict you! ‘Cause those babies can be shipped all over the place!)

Thank you, Brittany, for letting me work on these sweet invitations for you, and for allowing me to be a part of this special time in your life! And friends, I hope you enjoy looking through some more detailed shots of the invitations below!

P.S. At the end you'll also see a picture of the insert that was designed to go along with the invitation to let guests know to bring a book instead of a card - isn't that a genius idea!?