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True North Paper Co featured in Artful Blogging - Summer 2017 Issue

We all start the year with some pretty lofty goals right? And the truth is that some seem way more attainable than others. *insert me eating a bowl of ice cream while simultaneously wondering how it would even be possible to eat less ice cream!?* 

So when the beginning of this year rolled around I set some goals for myself and for True North Paper Co. And I didn't just have one list of goals for TNPC, but two. And nope, it's not cause I'm some amazing goal setter, who breaks them down, tracks them, accomplishes them etc. (mad props to you if you are, cause I need to take some major pointers from you! Still learning over here). It's because I broke my goals into things that I knew that I most likely could accomplish and things that were just really nice ideas but probably wouldn't happen. So yah, I had my "yes, I got this!" pile, and then my "these are really really great ideas, but seem way too far out of reach" pile. Let's call the later my Thoughtfully Unattainable list. (it sounds so sad, but it's oh so true). 

So what exactly was on that Thoughtfully Unattainable list? Well, one of the things was writing an article for a blog or magazine. Neat idea right? But at the same time, it seemed so far from being achievable because I had just recently started getting comfortable with the idea that I could even write half comprehensively. I mean yah, I can make writing look pretty and can whip up a pretty good piece of art featuring some calligraphy, but actually write the words? That's a whole other ball game!

Well, the year had barely even started when I was contacted by Artful Blogging about the possibility of writing an article for them. I remember thinking it was a joke when I first got the email, and then the panic setting in. Cue the racing heartbeat and all the sweats, because I hardly even had a blog at that time, and what could I possibly write about!?!? God was most definitely teaching me that his plans are way better than mine, and to not put my ideas and what I think I'm capable of achieving in such a small box. Aka. Scratch the Thoughtfully Unattainable list. 

Fast-forward a couple months, and now it's May and the same article that I was anxiously sweating over is published and featured in the Summer 2017 issue of Artful Blogging! 

And what exactly did I write about? Overcoming the fear of writing.

It's still something that I'm working on, and I still have moments where the thought of writing blogs posts or website copy gets me antsy because it's the exact thing that I used to tell myself I wasn't good at. But throughout even this past year I've been able to learn a lot about pushing through those insecurities (most of the time ;)).

So If you're interested in reading the article (or any of the other amazing ones that are featured in the magazine!) you can head on over to Artful Blogging to pick up your copy. 

And if anything, let this be a reminder to you (and myself) to not put our goals in such small boxes, because you just never know what's headed your way.

Artful Blogging Featuring True North Paper Co. Calligraphy Studio
Overcoming the Fear of Writing - Sarah Thomas of True North Paper Co featured in Artful Blogging Summer 2017 Issue
Overcoming the Fear of Writing - True North Paper Co. Artful Blogging Feature