4 Wedding Calligraphy Myths

Four Wedding Calligraphy Myths - Debunking Some Common Misconceptions and Helping You Better Understand This Wedding Detail - True North Paper Co

There is no doubt that calligraphy is beautiful right? I might be biased, but I am definitely on the calligraphy is lovely train ;) And working in this industry for several years, I’ve heard it all - from truths, to unknowns, to just plain false things about calligraphy itself and the process. So this week I’d thought I’d debunk some common wedding calligraphy myths that I’ve encountered so you can change those falsities or unknowns to the truth!

But first, let’s briefly go over what I mean when I say “wedding calligraphy”. I’m talking about any piece or part of your wedding that could incorporate calligraphy (and there’s a lot, but that’s another post for another time!), from before the wedding even happens - such as invitations and envelope addressing, to day of wedding pieces - such as place cards, and signs.

Now onto those myths:

1. Calligraphy Is Expensive

I’m going to start this one of by saying, yes, it can be expensive. It can be very expensive! But can it also fit into smaller budgets? Yes, it can! There are so many possibilities for paper and detail elements, and some that are a lot more affordable than others. Because of all the options, some are going to be more high end and some are going to be more budget friendly.

Say for example you’d love to have a touch of calligraphy in your wedding and are considering getting place cards done, but don’t have a ton of room in the budget. Going for a handmade paper place-card with a watercolor wash and gold ink might not be the route for you, but cardstock folded place cards with your guests name in calligraphy is a more affordable option.

I am in no way suggesting that you nickle and dime your calligrapher and try to get discounts on things because you don’t think calligraphy is worth it. The more expensive price on handmade paper place cards is there for a reason, and is definitely warranted. But I do think there’s potential for people to just think of calligraphy as a high-end wedding luxury, without realizing that there may be options that are more budget friendly.

Black Place Cards with White Ink Calligraphy - Organic and Raw Edgy Wedding Details - True North Paper Co.
Calligraphy Envelope Addressing - Minimalist Wedding Details - Modern Calligraphy Envelope - True North Paper Co


2. You Don’t Like Frilly Things, So It Doesn’t Fit Your Style

If you would have asked me to describe calligraphy 5 years ago, the words frilly, flourishy, and whimsical all probably would have come out of my mouth. And those words are great, but also let’s admit it, a very certain style that may not appeal to everyone. Pursuing calligraphy has allowed me to see that there are so many different styles and personalities that can be conveyed - I actually gravitate towards a modern style with touches of raw and edgy! Calligraphy has become more and more versatile over the years with styles ranging from formal copperplate, to frilly and flourishy, to raw and edgy, to organic and effortless. So if those frills and flourishes aren’t your thing, don’t worry, you don’t need to write calligraphy off your wedding list, it just means you need to find the style that suits you!


3. It Doesn’t Take Long - It’s Just Like Hand Writing

I wish, oh how I wish, that I could work on calligraphy projects as quickly as I could if I was just writing them out in my everyday handwriting. Seriously, the amount of projects I could get done! But that’s just not the case. Calligraphy is an art and every letter that is written involves certain shapes, strokes, and different pressure to complete it - and that’s just one letter, folks. And along the way, you’re cleaning your nib and redipping it in ink (and sometimes splattering ink and having to start over).

Since it can take some time to complete calligraphy projects it’s always important that if you’re thinking about getting calligraphy pieces for your wedding to start the process well in advance. Yes, last minute projects do happen, but if you start the process early it will be a lot more stress-free for you and the calligrapher.

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Custom Envelope Liner - Wedding Venue Watercolor Sketch - Watercolor Envelope Liner - True North Paper Co.


4. Every Single Piece Will Look the Exact Same

You’re getting your envelopes addressed in calligraphy - the lettering style is narrowed down, and the ink color matches perfectly with the invitation, and you can’t wait to see them! Well if you’re thinking that every time Mr. and Mrs. or words such as Road and Drive are going to look the exact same way on every envelope, you might be disappointed when you get them back. Not because they aren’t beautiful and not because the lettering style isn’t consistent, but simply because not every word is going to look the same every time it’s written out. Calligraphy is an art, and each individual envelope (or place card, or sign) needs to be treated as such. There will always be slight variations simply because it is a handcrafted piece, and that is part of the beauty of it all!

Envelope Addressing - Calligraphy Envelopes - Envelopes Addressed - Modern Calligrapher - True North Paper Co.
Black and White Invitations-Minimalist Wedding Invitation - Modern Calligraphy-TrueNorthPaperCo

I hope the truth behind these four myths not only helped you better understand calligraphy and a little bit of the process behind it, but also got you excited and prepared for any potential pieces and projects you’d like in you wedding that involve calligraphy!

If you’re interested in learning more about how I can help you with your wedding calligraphy, head here, or if you have a custom piece in mind, head here!


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