32 Ways to Incorporate Calligraphy Into Your Wedding

32 Ways to Incorporate Calligraphy In Your Wedding - True North Paper Co

I love the personal and beautiful touch that calligraphy can add to any wedding. There are so many ways to add that little extra splash of ink, whether it’s in a big statement-making-way or just in the little details. And I also love that with so many different options, there’s also something for every budget (praise hands, amiright!?).

I thought it would be a good idea to put this list together so that everyone out there could get some new ideas on how to incorporate calligraphy into your big day. And even within these ideas there are so many different ways to customize and change it up (i.e. just think of all the different place card material options that are out there - paper, tile, glass, wood, etc.), so keep that in mind with this list - there are options on top of options!

Without further ado, here we go - 32 Ways to incorporate Calligraphy Into Your Wedding:


  1. On your Save the Date design

  2. Wedding Invitations featuring Calligraphy

  3. Envelope Addressing

  4. Thank You Card design to send out after Showers/the Big Day

  5. Handwritten letters to your Bridesmaids/Groomsmen and/or family

  6. Tags with bridesmaids names written on them to place on their gifts

  7. A letter written in calligraphy for your significant other to exchange on the wedding day

  8. Welcome signs (wood, mirror, acrylic, etc.) at the entrance of the venue/ceremony site

  9. Drink signs featuring signature drink details.

  10. Directional Signs (i.e. Ceremony Over Here, Reception Right this Way, etc.)

  11. Sign on the guestbook table

  12. On your guestbook itself

  13. Signs lining the ceremony aisle featuring a quote or verse

  14. Table Numbers

  15. Place cards with guests name at their table

  16. Seating Chart letting people know which table they’re seated at

  17. Menu Cards on place settings

  18. Large Menu Signs

  19. For a buffet dinner, little signs in front of each dish describing it

  20. On your favors themselves (i.e. your names in calligraphy on koozies)

  21. Tags/Stickers featuring calligraphy for on favors

  22. On a printed madlib or game at each table for your guests to play

  23. Printed Wedding Ceremony Programs for each guest

  24. Wedding Program Sign

  25. Dessert Table Sign

  26. Quote or verse written on ribbon around the bride’s bouquet

  27. Fabric Ceremony Backdrop

  28. Fabric Decor Banners featuring info and/or quotes/verses

  29. Menu or Quote written on overhanging tablecloth/table runner

  30. Chairback signs for the Bride and Groom (ie. “his” and “hers” or “mr.” and “mrs.” on the bride and grooms chair)

  31. Your names in calligraphy on the front of your wedding album

  32. A custom print of your wedding vows to hang in your home after

I hope this list inspired you, and helped you think outside the box a little bit. When it comes to calligraphy, there are always ways to make it fit into any wedding and any budget - and I find that it's often the smallest things that make the biggest statements :)

Silver Envelopes, White Ink - Envelope Addressing - Modern Calligraphy
Edgy Black and White Place Cards - Edgy Minimalist Wedding Details - Modern Calligraphy - True North Paper Co.
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