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2017 Year In Review as a Wedding and Logo Calligrapher - True North Paper Co.

Okay, so let’s just clear the air. Yup, this is my year-in-review blog post… written in February. And yup, before last week it had been one long, hot second since the last time I blogged. I have a tendency to chalk up little projects in my mind to being a lot bigger than they are, and then because I think it’s such a big project, it takes me a while to get started - when really it wouldn’t take that much time if I just sat down and got ‘er done. But one of my goal’s for the year is to consistently blog *fingers crossed folks*.

2017 was a really great year. It certainly had its challenges and hardships, but it was also such a maturing and refining year. I’m looking back at 2017 and giving it a good ol’ pat on the back and saying “you were a good one”. It was also my first full year doing calligraphy and hand lettering! It was a year of TONS of learning new things, taking on new projects, growing through challenges, plenty of “I don’t know if I can do this” moments (shoutout to the the sweetest and most encouraging hubs!), and lots of proud “Wow, I can’t believe I did that!!” moments.

Although it’s hard to sum up everything that happened last year, I’ve decided to break down a few of my business highlights by month. Check them out below:


JANUARY: Wrote an article for Artful Blogging Magazine. This was definitely one of the “I don’t think I can do this” moments. I felt so unqualified and unprepared when I was first asked, but in the end, reflecting on my business journey and writing about embracing those fears was a much needed, rewarding exercise. Seeing my article in a print magazine was a neat moment of validation and realization that hey, I have a voice and I should take ownership of it.

FEBRUARY: Attended the Pursuit Conference in Florida. A couple months before 2017 started, I had thought about how neat it would be to be able to go to some kind of creative conference the next year - but also in the back of my mind thinking it would probably never happen. WELL, never say never folks, because just two months into the year I was sitting in Tampa surrounded by other creatives and getting to soak in wisdom from amazing business women such as Emily Ley, Mary Marantz, and Shay Cochrane.


MARCH: Got the chance to help several amazing creative women update their brand with new logos for their businesses. We worked together on narrowing down their styles, their brands, and what they want their logos to convey so that we created designs that not only spoke to them but also to their ideal clients.

APRIL: Got a little anxious and excited by making a big business purchase (had to realize that to grow business you do have to put a little money into it), and got a client management system. (Dubsado, you the greatest! And also if you want a 20% off code, check them out by following this link!)

Calligraphy T-shirt-Hand Lettered T-shirt - Birmingham, Alabama Calligrapher - True North Paper Co

MAY: Designed a shirt for Switchfoot and their BRO-AM concert! I’ve been a fan of Switchfoot for years, so to get to use my passion for calligraphy and create a t-shirt for them was definitely a highlight.

JUNE: Went to Ireland! So yeah, not business related but if you know me, you know that I love to travel and see new places, so getting to soak in all the beautiful landscapes of the emerald isle was such a great getaway (literally everything was so green!!). I blogged about it here.

JULY: Got to letter some amazing wooden wedding signs and then ship them off to Colorado for a beautiful wedding in the Rockies!

Took a copywriting for creatives course that allowed me learn heaps and heaps about copywriting, speaking to my audience, and was invaluable when I started redoing my website.

AUGUST: Despite the fierce Alabama heat, I kept cool by working on a winter wedding invitation suite - featuring illustrated snowflakes and all - for a sweet and amazing bride!

SEPTEMBER: Joined a monthly Mastermind group in Birmingham for new creative business owners. Although I wasn’t able to make all the sessions, I still made some great connections and friendships.

Simple Minimalist Wedding Invitations - Handmade Paper - Modern Calligraphy - True North Paper Co

OCTOBER: Okay so I technically started working on redoing the True North Paper Co. website back in August, but it was in October where I put the pedal to the metal and saw things really come together! In between calligraphy projects it was website all day every day!

NOVEMBER: Launched the new website! This was such a huge project so to get it completed and officially launch it was such a big sigh of relief and a really proud moment.

Got to participate in a Moody Autumn themed styled shoot in Alabama. This was an extra neat styled shoot because usually I ship off my invitation suites and any day of calligraphy pieces that I create to the location of the shoot, but since this one was local I was able to go and be a part of the action on the day of. Getting to be there and see all the behind the scenes was such a neat experience, and getting to meet and see so many other talented Birmingham and Alabama creatives come together was really special.

DECEMBER: Launched the True North Paper Co Etsy Shop, which features clean and minimalist style digital prints that you are able to buy and then download right away and print for yourself. Decorating just got easy folks ;) Check it out here.

Got to enjoy the holidays back in Canada with my family, and got to give way too many hugs and snuggles to my nephew (note: I didn’t think it was too many hugs or snuggles, but he probably did….)


That covers some of the highlights of the year, and I am so excited to see what 2018 brings! I have a feeling it’s going to be a good one!


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